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Beauty Coaching Group Session
+ Beauty Barre Bootcamp
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Founder / Actress / Designer
Ashton Roark
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Channel

Hi, my name is Ashton.

I went to school in Nashville, Tennessee for Fashion Merchandising and Textiles and Apparels. I have always loved doodling designs and coming up with different ways to express Beauty.

At a young age I learned beauty couldn’t be put on and worth couldn’t be obtained. To understand just how beautiful you are you must be willing to dig deep.  It means you must face your past, heal from wounds, and be willing to step into your future confident in you own skin.  Beauty comes from a restored soul…someone who embraces their unique design and remains committed to fulfill their purpose in life.

As artist we are responsible for defining beauty wether you are an actor, a model, or a musician.  You are a voice that has the power to influence the world with the creative ability you have been given. You have the opportunity to share your beauty and the inspire the world to be a better place.