Have Fun & Be Happy!

Beauty knows how to have fun while still working hard! She does not allow herself to become consumed with the worries of life that will inevitably surround her if she is tenaciously pursuing her dreams.  She finds a way to  laugh at her troubles while also finding new strategies for success.


Learn to embrace the “process.”

We try to get from point A to point B without allowing both our mind and our spirit to help us navigate through life.  You were not designed to work this way.  Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, process the feelings, and then focus on personal growth which can be gained from your circumstances.


Don’t beat yourself up.

Learn to go easy on yourself when things don’t go your way.  Walk away from the situation and do something that is life-giving for yourself so you do not become consumed with negativity, doubt, and fear.


Enjoy failure.

It kind of sounds crazy, right? Laugh at your failures and use the moment to discover a new strategy that may have the potential to take you even further with your dreams. Don’t give up when you have exhausted all possibilities. Every great discovery is the result of someone taking their dreams and making them a reality.


Be nice.

Be nice to any and everyone around you. You never know who holds the key you are looking for. Do not use people but instead genuinely choose to always act out of kindness and generosity.


Loose your pride.

You will be a miserable dreamer if you can’t abandon your pride. As a dreamer you must learn to trust your deepest thoughts with others who have the ability to sharpen and inspire the creativity that already exist inside of you.  True strength comes from a person who doesn’t come to the table assuming they hold superior knowledge.  It takes strength to have confidence in your ability while not allowing your self-assurance to push others away.


Be content.

It is great to set goals and to know your purpose in life. Purpose shapes our identities, but we must not forget that our greatest purpose in life is to enjoy life itself.  It is in being healthy, whole, individuals that we experience the fullness of life from within ourselves. This enables us to fulfill tangible goals in which we call success, but if you cannot find a place of contentment without reaching your career goals you have not laid a foundation for pursuing your dreams in  the first place.  If you haven’t found a balance you will never be happy and fulfilled no matter how successful you become.


Beauty learns to be content, happy, whole, kind, hopeful, and patient. #strengthisbeauty