Day 2 of my journey in discovering strength is beauty…

Today my fencing class taught me the art of accepting myself the way I am. I have been given everything I need in order to fulfill my purpose in life even on the days when I am feeling weak.  It is then that I have to trust the ‘force’ within me.  This ‘force’ is the strength that has been uniquely knit into each of our DNA.  We forget we were crafted to fulfill our purpose in life. It is not based completely on our ability alone, but instead our ability to trust we are more than enough. It has to do with being confident in our worth and stepping out in faith to fight even when we are not sure we will win.


I began learning this lesson when I walked into class and was asked to grab the weapon of my choice.  We were told to walk around the room and choose from swords, chains, spears, etc.  Without thinking I chose a flimsy light saber noodle from the dark side.  


Once I returned to the circle of my opponents I quickly began re-thinking my weapon of choice considering they grabbed sticks and chains.  To make my situation worse I failed to come up with a strong story backing why my character was joining the fight with a pool noodle. I made some girly excuse like, “I was taking a swim in the pool.”  My opponents made themselves look strong while I made myself look vulnerable, weak, and girly.


We began to put together a fighting sequence. Fortunately, we decided to make our scene comedic and the flimsy light saber noodle completely dominated every other weapon. I entered the fight as the weakest link and ended up being the victor. My partner and I took down our opponents with a noodle and a chain.


I guess you could say the ‘force’ was  strong within me. My light saber noodle surprised us all by eliminating opponents that should have taken me down with ease.  I learned you must be confident in what you bring to the table even if your feel like you are the weakest link. Strength is a force that comes from within and can be used according to your ability to believe in yourself.


From the wise words of  YODA

 “Something lost? A part of yourself, perhaps. That which you seek, inside you will find.”

As a woman of strength and beauty you must believe in yourself.  You must actively prevent your weaknesses from sabotaging your purpose, your value, and your relationships. Choose today to focus on the strength that already exist within you. It is a force to be reckoned with if you know how to use it.

Next week we will learn to use our strengths for good! Stay tuned…