How can a woman be both strong and beautiful?


Jordan Neville, Fit4Purpose

My name is Jordan Neville founder of the fitness movement and gym Fit4Purpose.  At the age of 20 I embarked on a journey to become a personal trainer when I realized that fitness and health is vastly more than changing one’s body. I knew from that moment on I had an opportunity to be a part of the process of mending people’s broken bodies, minds and spirit. At 21 one I open up my first gym in Kansas City and since then have worked with over 400 clients seeing over 5,000 pounds of weight lost, back problems erased, joints and debilitating injuries healed, chronic illness and depression gone and type 2 diabetes cured.


I have been asked to speak on what list of traits that I find most attractive in a woman. Being married now for almost a year now to the woman I find most attractive in the world this will be easy. First and foremost a woman’s beauty is found in her face. My wife Arianna has the most beautiful big blue eyes and smile that warms you to your core. When I first met Ari she wore too much make up and her hair was dyed. But when she toned it all back and her natural beauty shone through that’s when I fell in love with her. I also like how athletic my wife is. I find a fit and strong female with definition in her abs and arms to be super attractive. I believe the 21st century man likes the strong yet curvy female. Another trait that I find very attractive in my wife is that she is confident but yet tender. She does not have to become a man to compete with the men of this world. She knows who she is and there such a release in that. Another very important trait that I love in my wife is her strong connection to her family and an even stronger relationship with God.


As a trainer I get told this a lot “I don’t want to look manly” and “I just want to be skinny not muscular”. So what does it look like for a woman to be strong and beautiful? On a purely health related side the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. This means your burn more calories a day. This leads to long lasting weight management. But from the perspective of identity, when you are strong you are able to walk in that confidence that you are made for excellence and that any physical weakness is not going to stop you. There is such beauty when someone knows their value or identity and strength of body, mind and spirit is such a key component to knowing this.


So how does it look to walk out this strong and beautiful life? I first would ask you this. What is your purpose? What were you made to do? You may know straight away or you may have to spend some restless nights pondering this. To life out your purpose with excellence you need to have body that aligns with this. Size is not necessarily strength just like make up is not necessarily beauty. Find what works best for you and pursue that with utter abandonment no matter what the world says.  But remember this it is a journey and you will continue to find yourself along the way. Don’t be afraid to see you goals change or desires fade as bigger and better ones are on the way.