What does it mean to remain

TRUE to who you are?


“Pursuing your passions while keeping your morals/values intact.”


What led you to pursue modeling?


“My mother was a photographer and had her own studio so I was always photographed while growing up.  In school, I got made fun of quite a bit for being tall and thin from a very young age which led me to become ashamed of my figure.  Then one day, I looked up modeling agency websites in New York and saw that they were built similarity….I began to see the beauty in embracing the way I was made.  I thought to myself, “This makes sense, let me give this a try in the fashion capital and see what happens.”



How do you deal

with competition among other models?

“Honestly, for me, it was more in my head than the way I was actually being treated.  I found that the models were far more supportive then I expected, I mean, we all left our families and took a huge leap of faith to try and make it in this jungle so we stuck together.


The competition came from seeing successes in others careers and wanting that when it was a slow season for me.  There would be a lot of days I felt not good enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough…until one day about 5 yrs into my career I had an epiphany- We were all created equal and so is our worth. No agent or casting director can ever take that value from me.  This is what I do for a living, but it by no means defines me.  This is my journey and I cannot compare it to anyone else’s.  We all have our own strengths and we are unique.”

What’s your best advise for girls

wanting to become a model?

“Be prepared to work very hard.  Learning a new city, traveling, investing your time/energy and staying physically fit in a healthy way are important steps to pursuing a modeling career.


Also, never feel the need to overstep your personal moral boundaries to “make it” in the industry no matter what anyone tells you.  If you feel uncomfortable with something on a shoot/audition, never hesitate to respectfully decline.  Having a successful modeling career while staying true to who you are is more than possible. “


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