The new year is the perfect moment to define the NEW YOU! It’s your chance to set goals for both your personal and professional life.

What is it that you want to accomplish in 2016?

Think about it for a second rather than just throwing out a goal you have no intention of reaching.  After a while, goals gone unaccomplished start to tear down your self-esteem. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.  You must follow-through with the commitments you make to yourself even if you never say them out loud. You are worth it!!! Do not allow lack of self-worth to stem from your lack of motivation to remain committed to yourself and to becoming the best version of yourself.


Whatever it is make sure the goals you set for this new year are something you can and will accomplish in 2016.

This is the NEW YOU!!!

A woman who follows through… a woman who is determined to do exactly what she says she will do. Last year I heard too many conversations about what was not accomplished. Let’s change that! What you accomplish is up to you and your commitment to follow-through. If this is the woman you long to be you must be willing to discipline your mind, body, and spirit. It will involve doing A-LOT of things you may not want to do, but you made a commitment so you are going to do them anyways. This is how we discipline our bodies to remain committed to our goals.  Our mind will also be forced to think about things we don’t really want to think about…strategy, past failures, character flaws,etc.  The mind must learn to think beyond what is easy and be willing to face whatever challenges may arise.  Every goal comes with challenges that must be overcome!


You don’t want to be known for being the woman who never tried! It’s 2016 if you are willing let’s begin defining the NEW YOU! The woman that follows through with her commitments to others and herself. If you can’t follow through with a simple coffee date with one of your closest friends chances are you have a difficult time following through with your goals of becoming healthier, becoming more business savvy, or becoming a better artist.

Examine yourself

Are you the one always canceling appointments last minute or forgetting to show up for meetings. That’s not the real you!!! At least not the version of yourself you want to present to the world. Don’t beat yourself up if you can identify with this woman…take it as a sign that it is time to redefine who you are and further develop your character this new year. GOOD NEWS…all it takes is a little discipline and willingness to push yourself to do things that are outside of your comfort zone.


The real you was made to FOLLOW-THROUGH!

To be a woman whose yes means yes and her no means no. If you say you are going to do something make sure you do it!!! Next time someone ask you to meet for lunch be 5 minutes early and focus on engaging with the other person throughout your meeting rather than consuming the entire conversation with yourself. This shows others you are a person committed to valuing relationships. It also shows you are a dependable person they can lean on during times of trouble. If this is who you are among your closest relationships than it is who you will be when no one else is around. It is who you will be when you have a business idea that you must act on or when you have a dream you know you must pursue. Your character will prove you are a woman committed to her words and willing to take the long road to show her ability to follow through. This is the character behind a woman known for accomplishing her goals.


A woman others can depend on no matter what. Disincline yourself to do things you don’t want to do on a regular basis so that you don’t allow yourself to make excuses every time you are asked asked to do something that inconveniences you. If you are trained to do so in your relationships you will naturally develop a inner strength to stay committed to who you are and what you want to accomplish in life.