What drives you as an artist?

If there was one word for the drive it would be “Curiosity” the idea of learning new things to be a better actor to learning new skills to be a more well rounded person. Aside from that the only other drive is an insane sense of urgency to keep moving fast and efficiently.
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Tell us about ZAW Studios?

ZAW STUDIOS was honestly created as a reaction to a need. There was a local Studio that was a bit exclusive and expensive for freelance producers like myself to learn and collaborate. In response of not being able to afford their space, I decided to build my own studio, and subsidize the rates to be low enough to help fellow filmmakers have a place to film. After 6 months my competition went out of business and I doubled my size to help more friends with resources. The purpose of ZAW STUDIOS now is partly to help grow my fellow associates, while also venturing out into different areas of production to sustain over head. We have a sound stage, Voice over booths, green rooms, editing bays, and drones. And we’re eager to serve content creators from small businesses to filmmakers.
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How have you grown your business in such a short period of time?

Honestly, it was just a lot of blood, sweat and tears. A consistency in integrity, transparency, and honesty. The concept is helping people solve problems. Whether it requires acquiring more skills, or connecting folks like an agency, there’s opportunity everywhere. We just have to understand the bigger picture, and be ready to make the sacrifices necessary such as living under your means and being able to understand financial literacy which a lot of artist don’t quite understand growing up. Lastly, TAKE RISK! And Learn.

Why do you desire to see people work together to reach their goals?

Success breads success. And what I’ve learned is not to look for jobs, but networks. Having folks work together well means you have a stronger team of support. When we get bids from Clients, it’s not because we have one player but a team of reliable people. That makes you stronger.

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What do you love most about your job?

If I didn’t have to cover the $15-$20k a month overhead expenses on the business I’d probably do it for free. Fly around the world to film cool, hear amazing stories. Fly drones! I can’t ask for a better set up. But once again, it took a lot of back breaking work to get here.
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What are your business goals for 2016?

Phase 1 – Build a Studio
Phase 2 – Double the Size with New Ventures with Drones
Phase 3 – Have more rental resources, so we got a Condo to house my close out of town producers.                                                         Phase 4 – Aviation. Get an airplane as a resource for the Studio, become the pilots of our dreams.