4 AM drive to LA….it’s pitch black…nothing but the glow of a full moon!!!!!!  Who is on the road at such an ungodly hour?


Bad drivers that’s who!!!!!

In a matter of moments a 40 minute drive can turn into a 2 hour post-apocalyptic adventure in this city!  Do I blame it on the full moon so I don’t have to question why life throws us so many unnecessary obstacles?  In a short 15 mile stretch on the 5 freeway there were literally 5 wrecks piled up one after the other. Typically I am an OCD time freak. I can’t handle being late nor others being late. Today was different. I drove past each accident with a spirit at ease choosing to simply be thankful my car was still in motion.


I see these kind of ordinary set backs to be more like a final examine. The exam was made to test my character and the greatest test of character is witnessing how I respond in patience, in love, and in respect when things do not go as planned.  This morning I think I passed my FALL EXAM. I think I can go enjoy the holidays and feast on a sweet piece of pumpkin pie.


I remember myself 2 years ago facing some of the setbacks I have experienced in this last week concerning my life, my relationships, and Beauty I AM.  At the first sign of discomfort from things not going as planned I finally looked to the brighter side IMMEDIATELY!  I literally had to sit and make a list of what I am THANKFUL for.







COFFEE (Of Course)





Watch yourself how do you react when things do not go your way?  If you have any reason to be embarrassed by your immediate reaction than perhaps you can take the time to make a list of the things you are thankful for as well.  When your list is already made you can get it out the moment your spirit starts turning to a selfish, unkind, impatience response. I can be certain that is not the woman you want to be and it doesn’t have to be you.  Soon you will memorize your list and it will be easy to begin reciting it when you feel your heart going south.


A woman of beauty is content.  She is at ease regardless what comes her direction.  Find the beauty within yourself…a spirit at ease.  Let others experience a woman who has taught herself to be content in all circumstances.