competitiveness, rivalry, conflict, feuding, fighting

                      informal keeping up with the Joneses.


As females we tend to look at one another as competition. Instead of looking to one another for inspiration we see our neighbor as a threat. There is space for us to co-exist and motivate one another to become better individuals personally and professionallyimages

“Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another.”  In other words lack of maturity and poor self esteem leave a person searching for their value by measuring themselves against their competition. Women who walk in both grace and confidence can sit in a room among their ‘competitors’ without ever feeling the need to tear someone down or without feeling the need to tear themselves down.


As females we are doing ourselves a disservice by allowing our hearts to compare who we are to one another.  We are breeding a generation of insecure girls and insecure girls waste their lives battling insecurities. They never end up walking out their purpose in life.  Why not look at competition from a healthier perspective?


A healthy woman sees her competition as an opportunity for growth. She is self aware when it comes to her weaknesses and she embraces learning new things.  A woman chooses to be inspired by the success of others and does not allow her critical thoughts to tear down someone else’s success. A real woman knows how to rejoice in the success of others regardless of her circumstances. Beauty I AM’s #WCW #TaylorSwift shares her perspective on competition among women, “Other women who are killing it should MOTIVATE YOU, THRILL YOU, CHALLENGE YOU , & INSPIRE YOU.”


If you want to embrace what it means to be a confident woman who refuses to enter into the world of ‘Mean Girls’ you must first check your heart. It is difficult to view others as a source of inspiration who will challenge you to become the best you can be if you are hanging on to any resentment in your life. It does not matter who you are quietly resenting the root of resentment bleeds into every area of your life.



 …bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

If you are bitter at your core you will likely hold on to your corrupted belief system. You will not authentically be able to celebrate with others, because you will focus on how unfair it is for someone to achieve success.  You will look at yourself and go deeper into the vicious cycle of believing good things only happen to other people. No, there is no reason for your constant misfortune other than your poor mindset! Change your thoughts towards others and towards yourself.

A healthy woman looks at the achievement of others and finds herself motivated to find new ways to reach success!

Next, quit drowning in your fears.  It is time to get out of the dark depressing waters. A woman must be confident in who she is and what she has to offer. When you see other women advancing in their dreams don’t turn to yourself and focus on your flaws.  Look for ways to build your character while perfecting your craft.  It is a process, but if you have the drive you can become the best at what you do. Accept the thrill of a challenge.

A healthy woman is constantly learning and actively choosing to accept the thrill of a new challenge!

Don’t be afraid of growth. We can get caught in the mundanes of life.  If we don’t challenge ourselves daily our muscles will get weak. You should learn to love the uncomfortable. If you feel safe and secure at every moment chances are you are not challenging yourself enough!  Build the muscles needed to take on new and unexpected challenges.

A healthy woman looks for challenges that will promote growth in her life!

Seek Inspiration. Negative thoughts don’t always ask for permission when they decide to make the mind a resting place. You must look for ways to keep your mind far away from doubt, fear, and depression. You must be proactive in keeping your mind both driven and positive.

A healthy woman seeks inspiration!

Stop comparing yourself and choose to be confident in your own skin. We will always have room to grow. Take a healthy perspective on competition and use it for good! Don’t tear others down, but instead be the women others look to for MOTIVATION, THRILL, CHALLENGE, & INSPIRATION.