Recently I read a fashion write up about how to best wear your ankle boots. After reading the article I began watching the women around me to see if anyone was properly abiding by the laws of the fashion police. The first two women to cross my path were border line breaking some major fashion faux pas. Seeing these women violate what the industry calls ‘right’ for whatever reason made me think of all the women trying hard to mimic the behaviors, the style, or the image of another person. Anytime we are trying to copy and paste ourselves to society we will look out of place. We must learn to separate ourselves and make each style our own.

Every fashionista knows when a new style is on the horizon you must figure out a way to own it.  You never want style to dictate who you are. Style is simply meant to accessorize the you which already exist.  Meaning you already know who you are. You simply want to adopt a style to enhance the canvas you are working with.  It is up to you to determine how you will make it your own. How will you make the short boots work for you without following Lauren Conrad’s style guide? How will you rock the red lips if you are not blonde bombshell Taylor Swift?

Learning to make a style your very own has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself.

If you lack confidence it all be obvious in the way you carry yourself regardless what style you are attempting to wear.  KEY WORD-CONFIDENCE.  One reason for fashion faux pas is the one displaying the style does not have the confidence within themselves to walk in both beauty and strength. A woman bold enough to wear red lips must be a woman who loves who she is without cowering at the opinions of others.  True story… I was afraid to wear red lips for several years because a boy in high-school told me girls look like clowns when they wear such a color on their lips.  If you find a style be confident in your ability to pull it off and make it your own without considering  what others think about you.

ABC’s Pretty Little Liars sitcom, presents Aria Montgomery as a fashionista who is not afraid to push the limits within her social group. Her friends are known for dressing conservative, preppy, and sporty while she seems to stand confidently in her unique style.  As women we have to first find ourselves and be confident in the woman we were made to be in the midst of a world forcing us to acknowledge our differences. You cannot fear being you. If you avoid the real you eventually you will forget who you ever where. It takes courage to be yourself without trying to mimic someone else.

Fashion starts internally just as beauty has a lot to do with the woman you are on the inside.

How you choose to represent yourself externally says a lot about who you say that you are as a person. Referring back to the make believe character of Aria Montgomery whose wardrobe directly correlates with the woman she is on the inside. Her character is known for her creative eye.  She is an artist who was raised by parents who taught her to be an individual and to make her own decisions.  Her character is very aware of the reality that she does not always fit in but it never seems to stop her from standing up for her opinions or vocalizing her thoughts


Her unique self tends to gravitate towards one of a kind vintage pieces.

As and artist her range of emotions is displayed through her closet. One day it is full on goth and the next she’s got on bright yellow heels.

She will always show a touch of edge showing her ability to speak her opinion and stand up for her inner conscious.

Everything Aria puts on highlights her beauty her vulnerability as a woman.

Before you begin rummaging through your entire closet write down words describing your personality.


Pick out five words that best fit your personality and your strength.  If you need some help ask someone close to you to help you determine which words best sum up your personality and the strengths you want to represent through your wardrobe.  When I see Lauren Conrad I think beauty, style, motivated, strong, and sophisticated.  When I see Taylor’s red lips I think bold, classy, trend-setter, and strong.  Let your outer appearance confidently express the true beauty underneath.  Allow yourself the respect to be confident in who you are.  NEVER be afraid of owning your beauty and sharing it with the world. Own your unique style and choose to love being you.