Bruce Nahin is an artist who has explored many different avenues of the entertainment industry.  Starting out as a law student,Bruce went on to become the co-founder of Chippendales. Later he was appointed as one of the two founding film committee members in Santa Clarita.  All the while he continued practicing law with an emphasis on entertainment law.

Bruce has a wide range of skills that he has brought to the entertainment industry, but one thing that sets him apart from others is his desire to share his knowledge of the industry with young aspiring artist.  When I asked Bruce what his favorite aspect of the entertainment industry was, he was quick to say, “Teaching…I actually love all aspects that entail teaching. I love to mentor young artist!” He mentors these artist in Film, TV, Music, Live Entertainment, and Modeling. He has taught lectures and served as a mentor at UCLA, Biola, and several other film schools in Southern California.

I asked Bruce, “What advice would you give to one of your artist who is facing frustration and maybe even depression simply because of delayed success?”  I love his answer, “Patience.” This is an underdeveloped skill in so many of our lives, especially those of us with creative minds.  We jump into the fast paced life of Hollywood and put a time limit on our success. This can limit our potential, our self, worth, and our ability to reach our dreams.  Bruce’s advise for young artist is that, “we must remember to have patience”. We must have patience with ourselves and patience with the industry. Everybody will have a different road to success.

Bruce finished his statement by saying, ” Patience…It is like a running back in football, as long as each day has forward momentum it is a success.  Whether that means networking, posting, doing coffee, farming on linked in or on Stage.  As long as you sense forward momentum you will maintain optimism.  Just because you do not see the fish from your ocean liner doesn’t mean they are not there. Just because you do not see movement doesn’t mean it is not happening!”