Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”  Fear itself is not bad. In fact it is often a sign you are doing exactly what you should be doing. It reveals you care enough to fear the unknowns surrounding you. You care but the greater question is how will you respond to what you feel? Will you do the very thing you fear the most?

Fear can be used to motivate you or to paralyze you. It is all in what you do with it. If you allow fearful thoughts to cause you to retreat into panic mode you will shortly begin to self destruct.  If you allow momentary fears to release just enough endorphins to get you going in the right direction fear can be considered a motivator.


Again, the question is how do you respond to the things you fear the most?  Are you someone who chooses to look fear straight in the eye, or do you waste time reasoning with it? Know yourself! You may have a dream to act, but you are afraid of everything it takes to become an actor/actress. You might fear making poor career decisions so you never put yourself in a position to make decisions. Maybe you want to get married someday, but you’re afraid to commit. Or, perhaps you have an entrepreneurial idea in your mind which you have not acted on in years. This type of person will NEVER get past their fears unless they decide to face them head on and overcome them!!!


If you want to look fear in the face you will have to choose to look at your current circumstances and not dwell on all the impossibilities. Instead you must figure out a way to solve your problems. I love the saying, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”  Fear is captivating.  It will lock you in and drain your strength. It will make you forget you were made to fight. You were always made to rise above your circumstances.


You have a choice.  Fear is inevitable.  It will always surround your greatest desires whether that be your career, your marriage, your health, etc.  If you feel fear you are probably walking in the right direction. You are taking steps outside of your comfort zone. Decide today to be a person that feels fear and keeps moving anyway. If you fall you get back up. If you fail you try again, but refuse to be the person who never begins.