Life is known for throwing curve balls? Are you prepared to play the game or will you allow circumstances to make a permanent place for you on the bench?  You have to decide for yourself. There is no struggle under the sun someone else in the world hasn’t  faced and overcome!

Here are the 10 reasons why dreams go unfulfilled.  As you are reading through think of your own life and make note of the things that affect your ability to go boldly in the direction you feel destined to go.


1. Lack of Clarity:

You find it difficult to define what it is you want to accomplish.  In your mind you have a vague idea of where you want to go and you have no practical steps in place to get you moving in the right direction.  If you lack clarity sit yourself down for however long it takes and brainstorm until you come up with your own personal vision statement. With that vision statement create a list of goals that you can follow.  Almost as if you are making a business plan for your life. This plan would include both short term and long term goals.


2. You have no idea where to begin.

The hardest part is always getting started. The fearful voices in your head try to convince you that it is not a good idea to get started at all. If you want to avoid this pitfall do whatever it takes to make at least one step towards your dream everyday until you begin fearlessly fighting to reach your goal.


3. You are trying to chase your dreams by yourself.

Regardless of your level of strength you must be aware that every person has limits as to how much they can give.  You were made to need the support of others around you therefore you cannot be surprised to feel weak even burnt out if you are trying to take on everything by yourself.  Whether male or female we all need emotional support to help us navigate through life. You need encouragement. Find a good support system for yourself and don’t be afraid to call on it when needed.


4. Procrastination.

Mostly brought on by fear or complete laziness. Sometimes it is even caused by feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time and  it will take to accomplish your dreams. This can only be fixed by discipline. Get a calendar. Make yourself a schedule.  Don’t hesitate to give yourself a deadline.  If you can’t trust yourself to follow through find someone who will hold you accountable until you develop discipline.


5. Unwilling to invest time.

If you are not willing to invest time, energy, and resources into your dream there is no point in pursuing the dream at all.  Anything bigger than yourself takes sacrifice. If someone wanted to be a successful pro athlete they probably spent most of their youth/adolescents practicing rather than playing with friends. You must be willing to commit to your dreams as an athlete would if they wanted themselves to reach pro status.


6. It doesn’t pay the bills.

Anyone pursuing a worthy dream has experienced an extended season of drought.  Dreams are something you must invest in.  Start up businesses require a buy in and typically go through a period where you get nothing in return for your initial investment. So it is with your dreams. Don’t despise humble beginnings.  It is a distraction leading you to one of the biggest pitfalls dreamers ever face. If it’s your dream you will find a way to make it work.


 7. You convince yourself that you lack skill.

Yes, your skill level should match your drive. If it is your dream you have the responsibility to acquire the skill needed to fulfill the dream.  You cannot just sit back and rely on luck to get you where you need to go. Whatever you are pursing you must commit to being the best.  Why run towards a goal if you are not serious about doing it with your best ability?


8. I don’t have experience.

This is another excuse.  No one has experience unless they seek it out. This may mean you volunteer for an internship or you seek out individuals in your field to meet with. Stop making excuses for your resume to lack skill and experience. This step of dream chasing is completely up to you and what you are willing to put into your dream.


9. It is not the right time.

If you are always waiting around for the perfect moment in your life to run towards your dream you will be waiting all of your life.  Life if never perfect! There is wisdom in following your planner and following through with your goals so that when the time comes to go boldly you don’t make excuses for not moving when its time to move. Life will continue on whether you move or not! Chances are thousands of people around the world have the same dream/vision you have and if you don’t start moving someone will beat you to the finish line.


10. I might fail.

Fear of failure. What a manipulative trap! You are going to fail on the way to reaching your dreams.  This is a fact which you must accept and keep moving forward. Failure is a matter of perspective considering some of the greatest prodigies failed many times in their efforts to find success in their dreams. Failure is a valuable obstacle leading you to a successful future. Don’t take it personally, but instead make a choice to use it for your own personal growth.


Every person was created to fulfill the dreams within themselves, but not every person is prepared to avoid some of the top ten reasons for unfulfilled dreams listed above. Know yourself and know your dream! Be prepared for hangups and be prepared with a plan to overcome them!