How does life in Hollywood differ from where you were raised?


LA couldn’t be more different then where I was raised. I’m from a charming and historical town called Port Royal, Virginia. Population: 126. The town is so small that my mom is the Mayor. It was the most idyllic place to be raised. It taught me the importance of community, faith, family, simplicity and nature. It also gave me a strong foundation of family and belonging. However, growing up in a small town with a big city mindset was challenging growing up. I remember the town felt like a prison to me growing up, because it was in the middle of nowhere but now it’s the place that frees me the most. It’s my rest stop from Hollywood. I’ll always be small town girl at heart but that same heart is bicoastal as well.

Whose support do you desire the most?


My family. I desire their support the most because I know it hasn’t been easy for them to give it. The memory of my dad watching me pack up the car before I drove cross country at 19 will always break my heart a little. Because I know it broke his. But that moment also speaks volumes. I think when the people you love the most and seek validation from the most are stepping out in faith and saying, ” You’re stepping out in faith and I won’t let you step out there alone. I don’t understand this but I’m going to love you through it and I support you as much as I can even if I don’t know what that looks like…but I’ll try my best!”— that’s love.

What is your dream role?


I don’t know if I have a particular character or story in mind but I do gravitate towards period pieces and strong female characters, women who are more than just a pretty face but are in fact beautifully flawed but grounded in strength.

What would you say is your “type cast” and how do you feel about that?


I’ve been labeled the “Timeless Look” which is fine by me. I love history and a variety of different time periods. If someone wants to put me in a time machine via casting I’m perfectly fine with it.

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