What is the number one life-skill needed to become successful as an artist?

Patience.  The importance of hard work cannot be underestimated, but it takes time to build a career in Hollywood regardless of how hard you work.  One week you might get five auditions and the next week you might not get any.  Getting an agent, understanding how the business works, and learning how to act take time.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Do the best you can with what you have at the time and keep moving forward.


If you could recommend one class every actor should take what would it be and why?

Classes are extremely important.  I can’t recommend just one because all of them are so different.  If you want to do commercials, take a commercial class and an improv class.  Comedic and dramatic acting techniques are completely different and there are great classes out there for both.  The wonderful thing about acting is that there is always more to learn. You’re never done.


What is your greatest strength as an actor?

Honesty.  It is often said that acting is “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”  I try to live my personal life with integrity and honesty and I believe that this transfers into the truthfulness of my acting.


How do you avoid pitfalls like negativity and discouragement?

It’s more valuable to focus on the work rather than how my life would change if I book the job I’m auditioning for.  Auditions and jobs come and go and its important to keep things in perspective, have a balanced life, and pursue interests outside of acting. Being surrounded by fun, driven friends who support me and have solid character is very helpful.

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