When you decide to take a step towards your dream you will face many obstacles on every side! That is a given! You will have moments of doubt, frustration, and complete loss of hope. In time you will question if the dream burning within you will ever surface, or will it fade away?



These thoughts are normal thoughts swirling in the mind of every dreamer. In fact these thoughts seem negative, but they serve as one of the most important steps you will take towards building your dream.  Sifting through these thoughts is what I would call the foundations of building your dream.  You have to count the cost before you pursue anything great. Counting the cost starts in the mind.  Before you spring into action you must determine for yourself if you have what it takes. Do you have the skill, the tenacity, and the endurance to keep running towards your dream?  Are you ready for rejection?


You must search yourself and be honest with where you are at.  Determination and followthrough are both a commitment you must make before you start building.  Circumstances will always surround you tempting you to give up. If you have pre-determined your response and taken the time to lay steady foundations you won’t waver when setbacks come your way.


Hope deferred is one of the biggest obstacles preventing dreamers from building their dream. Building takes time…especially if you want to build something that will last.  You cannot submit yourself to hopelessness simply because success takes time.  When laying the foundations of your dream you decided you do have what it takes to pursue your dreams.  You know you have the skill and the motivation to advance your skill. You are willing to face any obstacle to see your dream fulfilled.  As long as you are growing as an artist, increasing in skill, and working towards your dream don’t allow time to measure your success.


Any dream left unfulfilled will take a tole on your mind, your will, and your emotions. The heart literally becomes sick.  You do not want to allow yourself to get to this point.  This is a very basic obstacle every human being faces and it is an obstacle that every human being has the power to overcome.  It will destroy the dream you are building and it will destroy you. The truth is your hope will be deferred if you quit and if you stick around and keep building your dream. It is a normal even helpful obstacle which gives each person the opportunity to grow in character and mental strength.  Life is all about preparing us for the very thing we are seeking.  When we first begin building our dream we are not always prepared to live the dream fully.

You are a dreamer. Do not be taken out by the very thing that has the power to propel you into your dreams. Lay the foundation of a strong secure mind which will allow you to overcome everyday setbacks. Chances are your dream is bigger than you are.  It is bigger than what you can accomplish on your own. Allow yourself to be refined in the building process so you can enjoy the dream fulfilled.