‘Winging it’

Expecting over night success in Hollywood is a bit unrealistic.  Though the road to becoming successful is not mapped out, it does not mean there is wisdom in just ‘winging it.’ You wouldn’t go into an audition without spending time preparing for your sides… well at least I hope you wouldn’t.  Preparing for the sides shows both the director and casting director that you value your time with them as well as the time they have put into the script you are reading.

Keep Doing your homework

I believe to really value yourself and the career that you are working towards in Hollywood you need to keep doing your homework everyday.  Study, read articles, find books that help develop your craft.  Choose everyday to wake up and seek your goal.

Seek wisdom…read up

For me, if I am facing anything in life that I want to overcome I first seek wisdom by reading up on the subject of interest.  If it is learning boundaries in relationships I read up on how to have healthy boundaries established in my life. If it is developing a strong team I find books on building a team that last.  If I need to overcome my own negative thoughts I find books on how to train my mind to be strong. You get my point! If you want to be successful at anything do your homework. If you want to act read books that keep fueling the fire beneath you. Read books that make you a stronger actor/actress.


Here are some resources you may find helpful…

“Respect for Acting” by Uta Hagen

“Stop Acting, Live the Life” by Margie Haber

“An Actor Prepares” by Constantin Stanislavsky

“Acting is Everything” by Judy Keer

“The Agencies: What the Actor Needs to Know” by Acting World Books

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff

“The Sitcom Career Book: A Guide to the Louder, Faster, Funnier, World of TV Comedy” by Mary Lou Belli and Phil Ramuno

“Actions: The Actor’s’ Thesaurus” by Marina Calderone

“Acting With Impact” by Kimberly Jentzen

“Winning Auditions -101 Strategies for  Actors” by Mark Brandon

“Improvisation for the Theatre” by Viola Spolin

“Acting For the Camera” by Tony Barr

“Sense of Direction” by Bill Ball

“Casting Directors “Tell It Like It Is.” by Joel Asher

“Discover Yourself in Hollywood” by Lilyan Chauvin

“Hollywood Scams and Survival Tactics” by Lilyan Chauvin

“How To Survive Hollywood Without Loosing Your Soul” by Ted Baehr

“The Art of Being You” by Bob & Joel Kilpatrick

“Survival Jobs: 118 Ways To Make Money While Pursuing Your Dreams in Hollywood” by Deborah Jacobson

‘The Working Actor’ Guide” by Karin Mani