What is your vision as a stylist?


As a stylist I desire to help people find their own authentic style. Instead of focusing on the latest trends, I look for what enhances a person’s best self. I want clients to walk away looking and feeling their absolute best. When I first begin styling a new client I sit down with them and discuss their vision of themselves.  We go over their goals and determine where they want to be by the time we are finished.  Then we talk about any challenges they may currently be experiencing that can be eliminated in order for them to be able to walk away feeling confident and happy with who they are.  I call this “getting into their intimate closet space.” Often times your outer appearance can be a reflection of how you are feeling on the inside. This means that in order to help someone go into their daily life feeling great about themselves, I need to address both their physical appearance and how the really feel about themselves on the inside.

What is the most common insecurity you see among women?


Most women are concerned with gaining weight or are extremely frustrated because none of their clothes fit the way they would like them to. This leads them to beat themselves up emotionally for not being where they used to be or where they want to be in terms of their body weight. I encourage women and men to love where they are now.

How do these fairly normal insecurities affect their daily lives?


I believe when we become frustrated with where we are at, we begin to cling to the old.  I remember when I used to cling to a wardrobe that no longer looked good on me, and I personally held on to pieces that were keeping me from discovering who I was becoming.  This means throwing away those ‘Sunday jeans’ that are just taking up space in the closet reminding you of who you were then versus who you are now.  I relate this to holding on to old careers or past relationships: it is uncomfortable to let them go because at one point they have served and protected you, although they no longer do. Now they are just excess weight that you force yourself to carry around.  I want my clients to embrace who they are now rather than who they were in the past. This is why I always suggest my clients do a “closet cleanse.” Get rid of anything that no longer serves you right now, in the present, or in your future! Though it may be uncomfortable to let go of the past, this is the most important step in discovering the new you.

How does YOGA/Meditation affect your creative mind?

Shiloh Artshow2

For me, Yoga and meditation serve as a compass that indicates the condition of my heart, mind, and spirit. It has taught me how to know my body and to train my mind to turn on and off when I want it to.  It also allows me to pause long enough to listen to what is going on inside of me. For me a big indicator that something is off-balance is when I start searching for something from the world, like money, clothes, or relationships, to fulfill me. I start asking myself why I am trying to find someone of something to fill that emptiness inside of me. When I give myself space to ask those questions, I am able to reconnect with God and find the peace I need that allows me to be content with what I have.  I have found this to be the source that restores me.  In a sense, this allows me to return to my original self: the person I was created to be that often gets pushed to the side.

Feedback from Clients


“Working with Shiloh was incredibly helpful in discovering what clothes best suit my style and personality. As a mom of 2 young children, I am often taking care of others needs and not my own. Shiloh helped me find “me” through my closet. She helped me remove the pieces from my current wardrobe that aren’t reflecting the best me and the essential pieces needed in my day to day life. In addition, she was fun to work with! She is kind, encouraging, and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend using her services.”       – Katie
I had a wonderful experience working with Shiloh McKasson.  Sometimes you tend to hold on to items a little too long.  In my case, I found my wardrobe was cluttered with pieces that I think I could find a use for but never did.  I realized there is no need to be surrounded by the things that don’t work, that I don’t need, and that I don’t really even like.  Shiloh went through each top, each pair of pants, each dress, and each skirt I owned.  We decided together what was flattering and worth keeping and what was not.  She gave me advice on what type of tops and pants suit my body type and which don’t.   In a weird way the time I spent with Shiloh was a sort of cleansing process…I uncluttered my closet, organized the pieces I love, and came away with a new sense of self confidence in my own personal style. – Erica