How did fitness become a lifestyle for you?


I was introduced to fitness through a friend from high school who liked to workout. I started to really get into fitness after college when I started to work with a personal trainer. Fitness really changed my mindset towards food and body-image. I work hard at the gym, and feel good about the results that I earn. There’s no cutting corners in fitness, it’s about consistency and challenging yourself. Even if you aren’t always seeing results it’s about taking care of your body. You will always feel better after a workout!  Also, I use to think I should completely cut out certain foods, or eat less food to lose weight. However, with fitness I began to focus on consuming foods which would give me nourishment for a workout and energy throughout the day.

Does a healthy life affect your creative ability.  How?


My self-perception is different now.  At one point in my life I was not happy with myself and developed a low self-esteem.  I couldn’t see myself clearly!  I didn’t feel good enough to pursue my dreams. I think that if you are a creative person these kind of issues will quench your creativity.  Not feeling good about yourself on the outside will only show what is going on in the inside.  I had to learn it is not about the weight, but about taking care of yourself.  Valuing yourself!  In a way, when you take care of yourself physically you develop more confidence, which can give you the courage to pursue your dreams. When you have a healthy lifestyle, It helps you have a healthier self-image too.  When you work-out, eat healthy, and make time for rest or relaxation, what happens biochemically in the human body is amazing! There are endless studies that show the positive effects of fitness and healthy eating in the reduction of stress, mental clarity, and positive-self-esteem. Naturally you will shine on the outside when you know you possess something valuable.

 How should one maintain their fitness goals throughout the year?


First you have to check your motivation and you intentions.  You should never set out to achieve your fitness goal because of others opinions or because of weight-loss alone. It is self-defeating when you keep your attention on the number you see on the scale. That number will always fluctuate if that is your reason for setting out to make a change in your diet and exercise you will be striving out of your own strength!  Having a healthy motive will help you be more successful at reaching your goals and allow you to really understand the value of developing a well-balanced lifestyle involving fitness and nutrition.  Really, you are making and investment in yourself.  Inspirational quotes and planning ahead will be helpful as you set out to achieve your goals.What keeps you motivated personally?

What keeps you motivated personally?


I stay motivated by the idea that I can always find a challenge, grow from it, and become better. This attitude keeps me working hard. During each workout I like to focus on the power of overcoming. To me I see it as if I am fighting through each workout, at the same time challenging myself to learn to never give up. It changes your mindset and the lifestyle becomes part of you! Also, I am motivated to set an example for others, every day you can set an example, as I know fitness and nutrition has changed my life and I want other to experience the same thing.  I want to help others become passionate about a lifestyle that will change their entire life. The fitness lifestyle… it’s meaningful to me. I want to break misconceptions about body-image, particularly to show women to be fit and to be strong is beautiful. I want to be a part of a movement that shows people the value of self-care and all of its benefits.