Need a Fresh Start?

Often times when making a fresh start there is a deep need for cleansing.  In order to fully cleanse your system and prepare for a healthy lifestyle you want to rid yourself of old habits and harmful addictions.  Anything that has control over you which you cannot resist breaking from by your own will power could be considered an addiction.  Sugar and yeast for example are some common everyday ingredients people consume which your body could stand to break free of.  Alcohol, caffeine, dairy, etc.


Cleanse the Body

A holistic cleanse that incorporates the mind, body and soul is important. That said, we must first start with the cleansing of the body.  A successful cleanse will nourish the spirit and nurture the body at the same time.



If you want to be prepared for Beauty I AM’s #GetFightingFitChalleng which starts January 6th here is what you will need. This is the recipe we will be using to allow our body to cleanse over a period of 14 days.

It is simple feel free to do your own research as well.  Do a cleanse that works best for you and your body!  I suggest that if you are going to go through the effort of cleansing your body consider abstaining from sugar, caffeine, grease, & other addictive junk foods. Allow your body to experience the fullness of this cleanse.  Eat plenty of water based foods which will help your body flush! That means eat your fruits and veggies! Avoid heavy carbs, processed foods, soft drinks, and juices loaded with sugar!

14 Day #GetFightingFit Cleanse

You will need 1 organic lemon for each day. That comes to a total of 14 lemons.

10 drops of Lemon Oil & Peppermint Oil

2 drops of On Guard

Mix together in 8 ounces of water. Feel free to drink over a period of time.  It does not have to be consumed all at once!


If you cannot find 100% certified essential oils you may get at