Day 2 #90DayBeautyChallenge

You may only have one New Years Resolution set to work on for the year of 2015, but there is a good chance many not so obvious factors in your life will make it difficult for you to accomplish your resolution.

Maybe you decided you want  to loose weight this year, but your schedule lacks the balance needed to make your goal obtainable.  This will then prevent you from having the time to prepare healthy meals and make it to the gym. You will then become frustrated with yourself after a couple of weeks of seeing no results.  Quitting will be your first thought, and next year you will be at the same place with the same New Years Resolution.  Full transformation of self requires balance in your body, mind, and spirit.


Let’s break the cycle!

Take out the planner we started yesterday! Let’s start with the section “mind, body, spirit.”  You are a mysteriously complex being made up of many components.   If you want to change a behavior within yourself you will have to address your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Body:  Your body consist of your nerves, your brain, your 5 senses, etc.
  • Mind: Your mind, will and emotions. Your soul is your consciousness or your ability to think and to reason. Also, your unconsciousness which includes your memories, your attitude, your beliefs, and your feelings.
  • Spirit: It is here that we find our purpose, our reason for being, and learn right from wrong.  Our spirit also affects our heart and all of our relationships.

All three function together. If something stresses you out emotionally it can eventually affect your physical health.  Bringing all three in alignment will prevent stress from having a negative affect on your physical body and your ability to dream.  Learning to check in daily with yourself and address your body, soul, and spirit will help you develop stronger coping skills.  You will change your way of thinking and stop yourself from running to unhealthy addictions.


Day 2 Challenge

Make sure you plan to properly take care of your body, soul, and spirit.

Body: Have something planned on a daily basis that allows your body to be physically active.  This does not mean running 10 miles everyday. A peaceful walk, a yoga class, or a scenic hike will do. Physical exercise gives you more brain power, better discipline, more energy, and decreases stress. It also forces you to take time away from your phone, your calendar,  and your obligations.

Mind: If your mind is not controlled it can take over your life. Physical exercise will help develop a stronger mind, but you will also need to be disciplined and choose to monitor your thoughts daily.  This is why our daily planner has a section titled ‘power thoughts.’  Each day you will find an inspirational thought to meditate on throughout the day.  For an example if I am feeling like a failure at life I will meditate on truth. Whenever I have a negative thought I will return to the  truth and meditate on it until I have successfully pushed the negative thought out of my mind.

Spirit: Check in daily and make sure your are setting aside time to connect relationally with someone who has a positive affect on your life. It  could be your grandmother, your significant other, your best friend from college, etc.  It doesn’t have to be the same person each day, but if you choose to allow your spirit to connect with others on a daily basis you will be less likely to wrestle with depression and insecurities. You will have positive people surrounding you reminding you of your purpose!