Everyday throughout the #90DayBeautyChallenge I will give you physical, mental, and spiritual challenges.  Each challenge will bring out the balanced beauty within you.  Whether you are an artist, a business woman, or a stay at home mom I guarantee you will benefit from taking the time to restructure your life in a way that will allow you to become all that you were created to be.  It will also help make the desires within you a reality.


Before we jump into exercising, cleansing, and life makeovers I want us to first come up with plan.  If you want to exceed and go beyond where you have already been you need to come up with a strategic plan for getting yourself there.  Now this may feel like a straight jacket for those of you reading who consider yourself a ‘free spirit.’  At one point in my life I would have thought the same.


At the begging on my junior year of college I remember my business professor bringing in a specialist to speak to our class.  Our guest speaker was an expert in studying personalities and how they function in a business setting. Our professor had prepped the speaker with each of our Myers Briggs results.  Myers Briggs is a personality test which will categorize you based upon the list of questions you answer and it then gives you feedback on your personality which could help you understand yourself. When you study each personality type the information can be useful in many areas of your life.  You can find the  Meyers Briggs Test here (http://www.myersbriggs.org).


When the guest speaker began class he called out a name and asked a classmate of mine to show the class her planner.  She opened her color coded planner that was in my opinion over the top.  This thing was beautifully hand written as if she were addressing wedding invitations for Princess Kate.  Each significant date was already marked with cute color coded tabs before the first week of January.  I starred at her planner and felt inspiration dwelling within me. That feeling didn’t last long.

The same guest speaker called on me to share my planner with the class.  I took a long pause realizing this man knew her personality was so perfectly put together and was now calling on me to point out what a mess my personality was. I looked around the room not sure what to say so he filled in the awkward space.  He said, “Now Ashton you bought a planner this year and you were excited about using it.  You went out and bought new pins to write in it with great hopes of actually using your planner…didn’t you?”  This man just read my mail, and all I could do was nod my head yes.  He then said, “You do this every year, right?”  Again I nodded yes.  He then asked, “Ashton you have no idea where the planner you just bought is… do you?  All I could say was, “Nope.”  He dug deeper, “This happens every year doesn’t it?”  And yet again I nodded yes thinking, “Thank you kind Sir for labeling me the most dysfunctional student in the class.”


From that day forward I took advantage of all the Type A angels that seem to always follow me in life.  I entered college having a roommate who offered to be my personal assistant so that I would pass psychology 101. Now I am the creator of Beauty I AM. Creating an organization takes A LOT of organizational skills.  It has required me to develop what was once a weakness and has now become a strength. (As long as you do not check my room on a daily basis.)


I forced myself to develop an area that was limiting my ability to succeed.  This did not hinder my creative ability instead it helped me produce results faster.  Most artistic people are known for not being able to finish anything. This will put you one step ahead of the pack.  It will put a tool in your belt that allows you to thrive in any area you desire to succeed in.



Day 1 Challenge


  • This year we are going to start with a planner that keeps track of your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Get a 3 ring binder!
  • Make a word/pages document. Print enough for each day remaining in the year or for the 90 days you are taking the challenge.

Label each of your pages!


Word of Thought:


Morning Routine:


Afternoon Agenda:


Evening Plans: