Brittany Nordtvedt

 singer, songwriter, producer

Have you ever questioned your beauty…and why?

My whole life I have believed that I am beautiful from the inside out, largely because of growing up with amazing parents who spoke and instilled it in me every day.  But even with that, I have definitely struggled in certain seasons to believe I am beautiful on the outside.  For me, it is usually tied to weight.  In spite of eating healthy and being an active athlete much of my life, I have always carried extra weight, and often times have not known why.  I have spent the past decade more intentionally studying about health and fitness, and learning what foods and activities affect my body in what ways.  I have had some success, but still have yet to reach my goal and sustain it.  For me, any time I begin to gain weight again, I am encountered with a fresh opportunity to either still see myself for who I truly am, or begin to question my beauty.  In some moments I have believed the lie that I will never be as beautiful on the outside as I know I have the potential to be; that it will never fully reflect my beauty on the inside; that I will never be able to do it.  This has led to emotional eating and a few times borderline depression.

But the moments I have chosen to still see myself for who I really am, in spite of the struggles and shortcomings, I am able to love all of myself, even the extra weight I so badly want to just disappear!  I have learned that regardless of how things may look, like every one of us, I was created exquisite and am on an incredible journey to fully becoming who I already am.  So even though I am still on the way to my goal – and I WILL get there 🙂 – I can now see, embrace, and love all my beauty every step of the way.

What have you discovered is the true meaning of beauty?

There is great depth to this question and many things I could say.  Because there is so much comparison and competition when it comes to “beauty”, especially among women, I will share something I wrote after recording “We’re Beautiful (All My Ladies)”.

 “To be a woman is to be beautiful.  Every woman, no matter how young or old, is on a continual journey of discovering her beauty.  Beauty is not what we ‘put on’ but who we are.  Beauty is rooted from deep within, growing and blossoming from the inside out.  Beauty is not a competition, it is not comparable, and it can never be taken away.  The beauty in each of us is uniquely brilliant and equally magnificent.  Though one’s beauty is capable of standing out on its own, it is not purposed to stand alone.  When we love, encourage, and enjoy each other’s beauty along side our own, when we stand strong in our beauty together, an exponential, unsurpassable radiance is released.  This is who you are.  This is who we are.  Yes, we’re beautiful.”

What is your source of inspiration for writing a good song?

I get inspired by life.  When I am out and about, hanging with friends, song ideas just come to me.  I will be in a store or restaurant, in the middle of a conversation or doing something, and I will have to pause everything to record a song idea in my phone.  I am also inspired by life struggles that I go through or see other people go through.  I am passionate about speaking life and truth in love through my music.  Everything I write is inspired by real experiences, dreams, desires, hurts, relationships – real life.  But I always bring it to a place of potential.  Because my goal is not to leave someone in the past or present, but to inspire them to move forward into a greater future.

If you could encourage female artist in the entertainment industry…what would you say?

I would first say, get to know and love who you truly are.  This is an industry that pulls in people who don’t yet know who they are, and turns them into who they want them to be.  If you don’t first know who you are, you will quickly end up being who someone else wants you to be, and that can be very dangerous.  Second I would say, you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone, compete with anyone, or compromise a single thing to do what you are created to do.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and you should not listen to them, let alone partner with them.  No one else is like you, there is plenty of room for you, and you are enough.  Stand firm in who you are and what you love to do, embrace and encourage the people around you to do the same, and watch the most enjoyable and fruitful journey unfold.


A portion of her Unstoppable EP is going to XP Missions to help rescue women and children out of sex slavery in Cambodia!


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