Dreams don’t die unless you kill them.

 Many people spend years mourning over their dreams, because they think too many years have passed by… their dreams must have died.  Too many people around them have already made it… it must be too late for them to succeed too.  Nobody believes in them which means their dreams must be impossible to achieve. But, remember…

 Dreams don’t die unless you kill them.

 I personally have many dreams for my life, and at this point my dreams have failed more than they have succeeded.  I could spend years wondering why those things never worked out?  Was it me? Did I mess up?  Or, I could make a better use of my time, considering my dreams probably just took a new turn and now I must discover where my dreams are leading me, because I know…

 Dreams don’t die unless you kill them.

 Dreams are your responsibility to steward not force into your premeditated destination.  Dreams cannot be forced.  They must be developed through trial and error.  You must learn to bounce back in order to keep the ball rolling.  Set backs will come, but tenacity will overcome.  You determine the lifespan of your dreams.

 Dreams don’t die unless you kill them.

 You can’t expect others to understand you, and you can’t always expect others to agree with you.  Chances are if you are heading anywhere good someone will spew their negative opinions all over you.  It is hard to hear the criticism of others especially when it is someone you really care about, but you cannot let negative opinions affect your ability to believe in your dreams. Negative words spoken by others will not kill your dreams, because…

 Dreams don’t die unless YOU kill them.

 No matter how many years pass you by you cannot accuse time for working against you. You also cannot blame another person for failed dreams.  There are times and seasons for everything under the sun.  What has not yet to be has perhaps not met its appointed time.

 Dreams don’t die unless YOU kill them!

 You must take responsibility for the dreams burning inside of you. You determine their future as a mother determines the life of her child! Where you lead them they will go.  If you speak life over your dreams your dreams will come to life.  If you speak hope over your dreams they will eventually come to be.


 A dream will not die unless you kill it yourself!

Speak LIFE!

Speak HOPE!

You will step into the great unknown.