The Challenge to Define “BEAUTY” has started.

This word knows no boundaries!  Every eye sees beauty differently.  I personally believe beauty is something to be discovered in each and every person.  Every life was created for a reason and through each life we discover the depths of beauty being defined.

Beauty I AM will be selecting 5 women every WEDNESDAY to help us define the word BEAUTY. If you are one of the 5 women we tag to our photo you will be asked to define what beauty means to you.  We ask that you do so by posting a photo or a selfie that helps define your perspective of BEAUTY. When you post your photo on Instagram and Facebook please include #beautyiam, #beautydefined, and your answer of course Beauty is 

In addition to the challenge we ask you to tag 5 other women to your photo and extend the challenge to them as well.  Don’t forget to encourage the women you tag by sending a message concerning why you chose them as one of the 5 women in your life that stood out for their Beauty.  Also send them to this blog for instructions on the Beauty Defined Challenge.

We will be tagging you soon!