Breyanne Noelle Nordtvedt

Actress, Singer, Model


What Brought you to Los Angeles?

I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle, Washington after graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a communications degree.  I have always had aspirations of being a TV personality and talk show host, performer on stage and on the camera, and most passionately a singer/songwriter. LA seemed like the place to be in order to pursue all aspects of my passions.  Thankfully, I also had an older sister who had lived in LA for three years, so I joined her. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…haha! I was very naive to the challenge I was about to embark on.  But I have found that when you follow your dreams, you must also be willing to FIGHT for them.

Were you hesitant to do Alt For Norge, a reality show, taking you outside of  the country to live in community with a group of strangers?

I was absolutely hesitant!  In fact, I didn’t tell anyone about it for a really long time (except family).  I am not the biggest fan of reality TV in the first place, so I did not really want people to know. I wondered, “Is this going to be good for my work?”  But, Alt For Norge is the only 100% “Feel- Good” show out there.  It is layered with competitions, learning about Norway, connecting with your ancestors, meeting people, and so much more.  The value and purpose of the show is multi-faceted.  To me, I had to see it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. PLUS, it was on my bucket list to go to Norway before I was 30.10488078_627537933252_9085430132219485167_n

How quickly did you adjust and build relationships with your competitors?

Building relationships with fellow cast members (aka competitors) was easy in some ways, and difficult in others.  The show is created to have fun together, and each personality is so much fun that we all naturally clicked with each other right off the bat.  So the initial focus was to get to know each other, have fun, and embrace the adventures ahead.  And we did.  We didn’t compete until we had already experienced a lot together. Once the competitions began, it was HARD because we all had already gotten so close.  We knew that the dynamics were about to change…because we would now have to complete against each other, and then…one person would go home.  Our performance TOGETHER would determine whether or not one of us would have to leave Norway.   The sum-up experience, is that I never anticipated getting so close to my fellow cast members.  Mentally, I had to focus simply by doing my best to not take anything personally.  I saw these people as my confidants, my friends, my family, and I was simply competing to be the best ME that I could be!


What was the greatest “life lesson” you learned while in Norway filming for Alt For Norge?

Relationships are everything.   My greatest win, was that I gained 11 new life-long friends and experienced the world with them.  (Well…at least the Norway world.) But really, they experienced MY world with ME.  And at the end of the day no matter what I have accomplished or NOT accomplished, the people in my life are what bring me purpose, love, joy, and significance.  I hope to never forget that truth…ever!

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