Are you tired of being victimized by your defeated mind?  If so it is time to rid yourself of doubt rather than allowing your doubts to knock you out!  Living in LA, the city of dreamers, you are forced to swim in a giant sea of DOUBT. Should we give up?  Are we enough?  Will I ever make it?  Am I too old?  Questions plague our minds causing us all to doubt our skill.  Maybe I am not a good actress? Maybe I cannot sing? Maybe I was not born to dance?  These thoughts would be enough to cause the professional swimmer to sink straight to the bottom of the waters we are forced to tread in.


I hear these conversations going on all day long. If it is not the voices in my own head it is the two women having coffee next to me.  It takes a strong individual to reject these legit questions running through their minds. You may be confident and tenacious in your pursuit, but you are exhausted from treading in deep water.


Everyone is great at remaining positive and strong until they are tested by the obstacle of time.  I see it like this.  Picture yourself an amazing swimmer.  You have been in the pool swimming since you could walk. You love swimming. It is your favorite pass time.  Not to mention you are extremely athletic and compete in marathons regularly. You are used to pushing past the thoughts of wanting to give up, but now you have been treading in deep water for hours.  You are tired.  Literally your body is about to collapse and your mind no longer has the ability to keep you going.  You are an athlete yet time has worn down and your physical/mental strength are no more.



As an artist or a dream chaser the ‘waiting period’ can really test your physical and mental strength not your talent.  Skill will remain, but time opens the door to thoughts of doubt.  You may be good at refusing to doubt your skill for the first year, but after a year you are questioning whether you  should pack your bags and go home?  You may have been told for decades you have the voice of an angel, but after being rejected a dozen times you are questioning whether everyone has been lying to you for your entire life.


If you are going to be brave enough to step into the unknown world of creativity it is your job to close the door every time a thought of doubt comes creeping in.  Slam the door to thoughts that are working against you.  I love the quote I found by Vincent Van Gogh, “If you hear a voice within you say. ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ”





If you doubt the very reason you were made you will be like a wave tossing in the ocean unstable in all of your ways.  It will make it difficult to receive anything your heart has set out to do.  Most things take time before you see results. I have found that most people who have been patient in ‘the waiting’ season were never disappointed in the end.  Rid yourself of doubt.  Get rid of anything that comes between you are what you were created to do.