Discipline is love!  What a foreign concept.  Often this phrase is associated with discomfort and pain.  It is not something most people embrace nor consider an act of love towards self.

Try thinking of it from a different perspective.  Anything done in excess can become an addictive habit.  Addictive habits take control over your mind, your will, and your emotions.  Lack of discipline can cause one to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol, people, shopping, and/or self harm.

Food is one of the most common unhealthy relationships one can develop!  Whether you allow yourself to overeat or you don’t allow yourself to eat anything at all. Many people have an addiction to food without ever acknowledging it. Many struggle with not allowing themselves to eat at all, but it is also just as unhealthy to allow yourself to turn to food for comfort.  It is the lack of discipline that allows one to believe that it is perfectly normal to turn to  food when you are scared, lonely, depressed, or nervous.

Food is not recognized as an unhealthy addictive habit, because we assure ourselves we need food to live.  While this is true it is never healthy to stuff your negative emotions by eating excessively.  People do not like to confront their negative emotions so we try to find another way to deal with them. This way of thinking leads people to their own destruction.

Sadly it can be a sign of not loving yourself enough to practice the art of discipline.  You allow yourself to be controlled by your mind and your mind can often lie to you.  This temporary fix will do just that, temporarily fix your feelings of discomfort.  It will not remove how you feel, but it will open up the door to the bigger demons that haunt your mind. Guilt, shame, and condemnation.  These thoughts will lead you down a vicious cycle keeping you bound to your method of self medicating.

In order to break free from this cycle one must love themselves enough to practice discipline.  When you want to reach for the junk food to comfort yourself try instead to love yourself enough to speak truth to your mind and your body.  Junk food and overeating have proven to make you feel worse. Find resolution for your negative emotions by speaking truth to the negative thoughts passing through your mind.

It is true your body is capable of more than the limitations of your controlling mind.  Love yourself enough to forbid your mind the control of your body.  You have heard this phrase a million times. It takes 21 days to form a habit.  That means it must take 21 days to break an unhealthy habit.  Love yourself enough to embrace 21 days of disciplined eating. Eat when you are hungry and monitor yourself when you are feeling compelled to grab something edible because of a feeling or an emotion.  Force yourself to turn to truth rather than food or whatever you choose to turn to for comfort.  After 21 days your mind will be strengthened by the constant affirmation of truth.  Love yourself enough to choose discipline!